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Patient on Wheelchair

Medical Offices, Surgery Centers & ACO's

IBM Transportation takes pride in achieving a 99% on-time arrival rate for medical appointments. Our live dispatching team is always ready to make adjustments on the fly to accommodate patients who may require additional tests or delayed return pick-up times.

Unlike other local transport companies, we schedule a precise return pick-up time, so you can be confident in the exact time our driver will pick up your patients. For post-surgery patient pick-ups, we will call your office to determine a post-recovery pick-up time, eliminating the need for patients to rely on busy family members spending a day at your office.

At IBM Transportation, we are committed to providing reliable, convenient, and patient-centered services for all of our clients.

At IBM Transportation, our drivers are authorized to sign off on medical office responsibility paperwork before leaving your facility, ensuring that all necessary documentation is complete and accurate.

Moreover, our unique ACO patient program is designed to advocate on behalf of physician groups. We guarantee a safe transition home for patients, mitigate the risk of costly second surgeries, reduce re-admission risks, provide transportation to follow-up appointments, and ultimately improve overall health outcomes.

With our commitment to quality, safety, and patient-centered care, IBM Transportation is the ideal partner for any medical office or healthcare facility looking to enhance their transportation services.

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