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Long Term, Assisted and Independent Living Communities

With IBM Transportation, accommodating last minute bookings are just a phone call (or a click) away.

At IBM Transportation, our drivers serve as an extension of our clients' medical offices or facilities. We offer door-to-door or bedside-to-bedside service, freeing up our clients' own vehicle fleet for other long-term community commitments, such as grocery shopping, hairdresser appointments, and church visits.

By relying on our specialized transportation services for their often challenging and time-consuming medical appointments, our clients can better manage their schedules and focus on their other important commitments.

At IBM Transportation, we offer the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and personalized service. Our highly skilled dispatching team is always ready to adjust our driver schedules to accommodate last-minute booking requests and unexpected delays in doctor visits.

This level of flexibility and responsiveness means that our clients, including staff, long-term care residents, and their families, can rest assured that planned scheduled activities can go ahead on time, even if a medical appointment runs late. With IBM Transportation, you can always count on timely, reliable, and efficient service.

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