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Medical Transportation for Individuals and Families

Medical Transportation for Individuals and Families

IBM Transportation - a specialty transport service that offers more than just transportation. We are a reliable, timely, friendly and professional team that strives to provide the best care and service for you and your family's needs.

We understand that traditional transportation services may not always cater to your specific medical or personal requirements. That's why we offer a cost-effective solution for patients who need reliable and quality transportation to their medical appointments or other personal and family events. With our vast local referral and resource network, we can assist you with all your medical and family needs, making us an extension of your health care provider team.

Choosing IBM Transportation means you can experience independence and freedom. We provide post-hospital or post-skilled care patients with the option to rehabilitate from the comfort of their own home, ensuring that you or your loved one can age in place. Our reliable alternative transportation service is essential for mobility-challenged individuals, as we can help you settle into your wheelchair inside your home, escort you to our van, and secure you quickly, easily, and safely.

Our top priority is your security and safety. We understand that you or your family member's well-being is crucial, and that's why our highly trained dispatching staff monitor our patients' appointments to make sure their return ride is available whenever they are finished. The average wait time for a return ride with IBM Transportation is under 15 minutes, so you can rest assured that you will be taken care of promptly.

We believe in improving your quality of life, and we can help you make arrangements and provide transportation to church, weddings, funerals, family gatherings, sporting events, theatre, dinners, and other family events or appointments. By providing you or your loved one with the freedom and independence to participate in memorable family and other events, we enable a quality of life that truly helps patients thrive.

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