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Hospital Discharges

Hospital Discharges

Our services are highly valued by families, long term care communities, skilled nursing and rehab facilities, hospital social workers, case managers, and discharge planners. We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate short-notice discharge pick-ups, often with only 1-2 hour's prior notice, which has earned us the appreciation of our clients.

At IBM Transportation, we take great care to ensure that our patients' discharging experience is hassle-free and professional. As part of our bedside to bedside discharge service, we meticulously check the patient's room for any left-behind items, and we assist in carrying their personal belongings and necessary medical equipment to our vehicle and into their new home or admitting facility.

Our vehicles are equipped with regular-sized wheelchairs, complete with footrests and leg extenders. Upon arrival, our drivers introduce themselves to the patient, and we assist in transferring them from their bedside to our wheelchair. We pride ourselves on making discharging quick, easy, and professional.

Once we arrive at the patient's destination, we ensure that they are comfortably wheeled to their room and assist in transferring them to their bed or chair. Additionally, we hand-deliver the hospital's discharge paperwork to the family or facility staff.

At IBM Transportation, we go above and beyond to make our patients' discharging experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our attention to detail and willingness to provide little extra touches make all the difference in our bedside to bedside discharge service.

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